georgia Krawiec is a Polish and German artist. She works with the topics of identity, deceleration, the relationship between humans and nature as well as the omnipresent surveillance of society. She implements her work with photoarchaic media, such as the pinhole camera, the photogram or old fine printing processes (such as the calotype or cyanotype). Photographs, photo collages, but also photo objects and installations are created. For the artist, the experimental approach as well as the manual and original aspect of photography are of central importance. georgia Krawiec builds her own cameras and thus accompanies the creation process of the image from the start.

georgia Krawiec is born in Poland and graduate of Fine Arts at the University Siegen (Germany). She majored in photography and received her diploma in 2000 (in Jürgen Königs’s workshop). She collaborated with the group called Brauhaus-Fotografie/Germany (1993–2000), with the Union of Polish Photographic Artists (ZPAF), with the Polish-German Art Project SilesiaTopia, with the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (Pinholeday). She is member of the board of the Polish National Festival of Pinhole Photography (OFFO) and member of ep.contemporary in Berlin.

She took part in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, for example in the Festival of Polish Culture in Luxemburg, Miesiąc Fotografii in Kraków, International Photofestival Lódź, Voies Off in Arles, France, Polish Pinhole Photography in Boston and New Bedford and many others. Her works can be found in photographic collections all over the world.

georgia Krawiec teached at the Photographic School of the Union of Polish Photographic Artists (Workshop of Archaic Photography), and in the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw. She is an authoress of essays and lectures presented, for example, at the National Museum in Warsaw and the National Art Gallery Zachęta. Krawiec also lectures on German photography and contemporary pinhole photography. She was a member of the panel of judges of photographic contests (like Creative Valley shown on the Polish public television TVP) and a member of the commission Portfolio-Review at The Art Institute of Boston (AIB), USA.

georgia Krawiec currently lives and works in Berlin.



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