Waldküre is a sound installation based on slices of tree wood (sycamore, fig, poplar). I have covered the discs with sound track grooves in the same way as a record. You can put them on with the help of a prepared record player. The installation can be operated by the visitor himself with the help of a laboratory timer.

Title: Waldküre I – III
Technique: Wooden discs, record player, laboratory timers
Composition: georgia Krawiec
Performer: Sycamore, 27 years; Fig, 37 years; Robinia, 49 years
Genre: Song
Year: 2022
Duration: 10 sec – ∞
Format: Maxi Single
Number of works: 3
Record label: FonoFrelka © 2022

Here you can listen to Waldküre I