Commission for the Monitoring of Difficult Matters (CMDM) asks:

  • Is freedom a valuable commodity for you? Do you want to sacrifice hard-won freedom at the price of security? 
  • Is the intrusion of state authorities, companies and corporations into your private life a legitimate method of safeguarding security in a free country? 
  • Do you believe that the use of surveillance and wiretapping systems in the workplace, in public and private spaces, limitless data collection of citizens, including your data, is capable of reducing ecological, terrorist, automatic, cosmic, totalitarian, virtual or spiritual threats?
  • Do you consider surveillance itself to be morally justifiable?


The Commission for the Monitoring of Difficult Matters (CMDM), founded in Berlin on 3 July 2015, deals with these dilemmas. The main guideline of this commission is freedom as a universal human right. The members of the CMDM, which is a secret organisation, include 24 so-called agents who work intensively to combat security in favour of freedom. Regardless of where it meets, the commission has the task of permanently observing and carefully recording all offences that occur in connection with surveillance and the deprivation of citizens’ freedom. The findings thus obtained are immediately transmitted to the Eye of Providence. In addition, the KÜSA monitors the Eye of Providence in order to thus prevent its own surveillance by the latter.

First [secret] mission
of the Commission for the Monitoring
of Difficult Matters,
July 2015.

* * *




Agent I – XXIV


24 Photo Objects – Pinhole Cameras:

  • aluminum sheet, 2 photographs on PE paper,
  • cardboard, glue, aluminum foil, tape,
  • foam rubber, rivets, loop fastener, glitters glaze,
  • faux pearls, photographic film, rubber band,
  • a ‘110 mm x Ø 80 mm,
  • weight: 100 grams.


  • angle, hook fastener, screws, dowels.

No. 1/1


*  *  *