About the project EXodus (2007 – 2009)

The photographic cycle EXodus is inspired by Karen Karin Rosenberg’s drama She Taught Him How to Throw a Pie. The pictures are visual interpretations of epithets about the drama’s heroine. Given the subject-matter and the visual language, EXodus can be said to parallel surrealist photography. The title EXodus means, in this case, a journey to unknown areas of the human mind.

Technical Dates:

number of works: 64
Technique: Photographs and photomontages on Silvergelatinepaper, toned
Sizes and forms different:
biggest photography: 27,8 x 32,00 /
littlest photography: 13,6 x 13,6 cm.
material: photographs in passerpartout and in wood frame 40 x 40 cm