georgia Krawiec is a Polish and German photo artist. She deals with the themes of identity and deceleration, examines the relationship of man to nature in her projects and addresses the omnipresent surveillance of society.

She realises her works with the help of photo-archaic media, such as the pinhole camera, the photogram or through old printing processes (such as the calotype or cyanotype). She creates photographs, photo collages but also photo objects and installations.

The experimental approach as well as the manual and original aspects of photography are of central importance to the artist. georgia Krawiec builds her cameras herself and thus accompanies the process of creating the image from the very beginning.

Born in 1972 in Kędzierzyn/Poland, she graduated in German, art and education at the University of Siegen (graduated in the class of Jürgen Königs), she worked with the group Brauhaus-Fotografie, is a member of the artists’ initiative SilesiaTopia, worked on the Worldwide Pinhole Camera Photography Day (Pinholeday) and is a board member of the Polish Pinhole Camera Photography Festival (OFFO). She has been part of the ep.contemporary team in Berlin since 2016.

Since 1993, she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, she is a lecturer at the Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Institut Sztuki Polskiej Akademii Nauk), she has taught at the School of Photography of the Association of Polish Photographic Artists in Warsaw (ZPAF) as well as at the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw, she writes articles (e.g. for the Goethe Institute, for Kwartalnik Fotografia and Fototapeta), gives lectures (e.g. at the National Museum in Warsaw, at the Galeria Zachęta Art Gallery in Warsaw and at the New School of Photography in Berlin), holds photography workshops with refugees or at C/O Berlin and has been a member of various juries (including the Dolina Kreatywna photo television competition of Polish State Television TVP2 and a member of the Portfolio Review Commission at The Art Institute of Boston, Boston, USA).

georgia Krawiec currently lives and works in Berlin.


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